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Abacus Advisory

About Abacus

Abacus Advisory was founded by Eelco Wolters in 2008 and offers advisory services specialised in the commodity industry. Prior to this, Eelco worked for 11 years in a Big Four Accounting Firm where he specialised in the commodity sector.

Through Risk Due Diligence investigations and financial risk management advisory engagements Abacus has built-up a unique level of expertise of commodity trading and processing companies around the world.

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Risk Due Diligence

The main objective of Risk Due Diligence (RDD) engagements is to assess and provide insight into a commodity company’s trading, hedging and risk management practices. This helps (potential) financiers and investors to make informed decisions with respect to providing funding or capital to commodity trading or processing companies. RDDs also help identifying potential issues at an earlier stage than periodic credit or financial reviews.

Borrowing Base Inspections

Borrowing Base Inspections are carried out on behalf of financiers and focus on establishing the existence and appropriate valuation of collateral – usually comprising trade receivables and commodity inventories – provided under a Borrowing Base financing facility. Borrowing Base Inspections also include obtaining insight into procedures and controls with respect to Borrowing Base reporting.

Financial & Risk Advisory Services

Abacus Advisory has helped design, develop, enhance and implement financial risk management procedures for commodity trading and processing companies. These engagements included implementing commodity risk management frameworks, developing hedging policies as well as trading performance and gross margin attribution analyses.

Training Courses

Abacus Advisory offers specialised and modular training courses focusing on trading, hedging, risk management and financial reporting for commodity companies.