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Abacus Advisory
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Abacus Advisory

Risk and financial advisory services for commodity companies and trade finance banks
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Abacus Academy

Development of educational programmes tailored for the commodity industry
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Abacus Devs

Design and development of expert systems and specialized web-based solutions for the commodity industry

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Risk Due

Abacus conducts Risk Due Diligence (RDD) investigations that focus on providing insight into commodity companies’ trading, hedging and risk management practices. Abacus Advisory has carried out RDDs for more than 250 commodity companies around the world. RDDs help financiers and investors to make informed decisions with respect to providing funding or capital to commodity trading or processing companies. They also are designed to identify financial and fraud risk factors at an early stage.

Borrowing Base Audits

Abacus Advisory conducts Borrowing Base Audits (BBAs) on behalf of financiers that focus on establishing the eligibility, existence and appropriate valuation of collateral provided under a Borrowing Base financing facility. Abacus Advisory has carried out numerous BBAs across different commodities (including energy, metals and agricultural commodities) and geographies.

Risk Management Advisory

Abacus Advisory develops and implements commodity risk management frameworks, hedging policies and trading performance analyses for commodity trading and processing companies. Through its understanding and expertise of commodity trading and the associated trade-related risks, Abacus Advisory ensures risk advisory services are tailored to the specific commodity’s characteristics and client business model’s requirements.

Financial Reporting Advisory

Abacus Advisory develops and implements financial reporting policies for commodity companies. Abacus also provides support with interpretation and application of International Financial Reporting Standards for commodity positions. Moreover, Abacus Advisory supports trade finance banks in performing or enhancing credit analyses – in particular with respect to commodity-related assets and liabilities.

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In-house training courses

Abacus has developed specialized modular in-house training courses focusing on trading, hedging, risk management and financial reporting for commodity companies. Training course programmes have been developed for commodity companies, trade finance banks and development banks and taught in Asia, Australia, Europe, South America and the US.


Abacus Academy provides webinars on a wide variety of subjects associated with commodity trading and trade finance.


Abacus Academy offers a suite of e-learning modules that cover commodity trading, hedging, risk management and financial reporting. The modular approach ensures training programmes can be tailored to participants’ requirements, focus areas and levels of experience.

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MERX Trade Simulator

MERX Trade Simulator is an integrated and multi-disciplinary tool that combines futures with physical commodity trading, logistics, treasury, accounting and risk management.

MERX Collateral Management

MERX Collateral Management is a web-based tool that enhances trade finance banks’ collateral monitoring of secured trade finance facilities.

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About Abacus

Through numerous multi-disciplinary engagements conducted in the areas of risk management, financial reporting and information technology, Abacus has built-up a unique level of expertise of commodity trading and processing companies around the world. Next to that, Abacus has developed and provided in-house training courses, webinars and E-Learnings to clients in Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America and the US. In 2019, Abacus diversified into development of online applications, tools and expert systems for the commodity and trade finance industry.

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Our team

Eelco Wolters

Managing partner

Eelco Wolters founded Abacus Advisory in 2008 where he has focused on providing due diligence and advisory engagements in the commodity industry. Prior to this, Eelco worked for 11 years in a Big Four Accounting Firm where he had also specialized in the commodity sector.

Reijer Barendregt


Reijer Barendregt has 20+ years of experience in audit and advisory engagements with a specific focus on the commodities industry and international groups. Reijer joined Abacus from a Big Four Accounting Firm in Geneva where he was an Audit Director and Sector Head Commodities.